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Silver Comet Pinewood Series 2024

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The Silver Comet Pinewood Derby is BACK! 


That's Right!  Join us at Town Center at Cobb for a morning of adrenaline-fueled racing, camaraderie, and excitement as Cub Scouts from across the District showcase their meticulously-crafted pinewood derby cars in an electrifying spectacle as these gravity-powered racers zoom down the track, their wheels blurring with speed.  Anticipation will hang in the air as each car takes its turn, the crowd roaring with every surge down the track.  


Behind each sleek and speedy car lies a story of creativity and teamwork. Cub Scouts have poured their hearts and souls into designing, constructing, and perfecting their pinewood derby cars, working alongside their adult partners in their hope to achieve racing greatness.


So, what are you waiting for? Mark your calendars for Saturday, March 9th, 2024 and join us for the thrilling return of the Silver Comet District Pinewood Derby! Experience the thrill of the race, witness the culmination of Scouting craftsmanship, and celebrate the spirit of Scouting.  The Silver Comet Pinewood Series is a must-attend event for all!


The Silver Comet District Pinewood Derby is open to any currently registered Cub Scout, residing in the Silver Comet District, who constructed a Pinewood Derby car during the 2023-2024 Scouting year.  Cars built and raced in previous years are ineligible.

  • Cars must be Cub Scout-made, but adults are encouraged to actively participate in the process with their Scout.

  • The car must be made from the official BSA Cub Scout Pinewood Derby Kit using official BSA parts.

  • The axle slots cannot be moved from the original locations relative to the ends of the car.

  • The official BSA wheels must be rigidly attached in those slots with the nails from the original kit.  Wheels may be sanded to remove ridges, but they may not be tapered or narrowed.

  • The rolling surfaces of all four wheels must touch the track.

  • No wheel bearings, bushings, or washers of any type may be used.

  • The maximum weight of the car may not exceed 5 ounces (or 141.75 grams).  Last minute adjustments will be permitted at check-in (within reason).  The scale used at registration will be the official scale.

  • Width cannot exceed 2.75” (including wheels and axles).  Length cannot exceed 7”.  Ground clearance must be at least .375”.  Height cannot exceed 3”.  The minimum width of the car where the axles are inserted into the body must be 1.75”.

  • All cars will be weighed and measured at registration and must pass inspection to race.

  • Added accessories such as windshields, driver, etc., are permitted from any source and may be used if width, length, and weight restrictions are met.  Accessories must be permanently attached.  No loose material of any kind is allowed in or on cars.

  • Hubcaps or any other material may not be installed on the wheels in such a way as to hold the dry lubricant against the axle.

  • The car may not have any type of springs or any type of self-propelling or starting devices.

  • If during the race, a car leaves the track, runs out of its lane, interferes with another car, loses an axle, etc., the heat will be rerun.

  • Lubrication of any type may not be applied after the car is registered; this includes during repairs.

  • Only dry powder lubricant may be used.

  • Participants are responsible for providing any tools or materials to make any adjustments before or during the race.

PACKS - Be sure to Report your Individual Rank Top 3


After each Pack's unit Pinewood Derby is complete, a Pack representative (Key 3 or Race Coordinator ONLY please) should report their Top 3 Winners from each Rank to the District using the handy form below.  These Scouts will automatically qualify to compete in the 2024 Silver Comet Pinewood Series.



All racers must register and pay the $10 entry fee regardless of pre-qualification status. This helps cover the cost of the event space, patches, and trophies. To register, please visit

Weigh in and impound will take place Friday evening from 6 pm until 8:30 pm. If you can't attend, please plan on arriving for your respective check-in time on Saturday (10 am for qualifying races and noon for the Pinewood Series).

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