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Silver Comet Conductor Award

This prestigious District-level award is for any adult in your unit that you feel deserves recognition for their service - someone that consistently goes above and beyond for your unit.


They might be the Assistant Leader that is always there when help is needed,
the Committee Member that somehow keeps the accounts straight, or maybe that parent that keeps

everything organized and moving forward.


They do not need to be a registered Scouter to be nominated for this award.

NOTE: One Nomination per every 25 registered youth in your unit.  Nominations may only be submitted by a member of the unit Key 3.  All submissions must be received no later than February 29th.

Nominees will be honored at the 2024 Leader Recognition Banquet with a special pin and certificate!

How Many Nominations Can Your Unit Submit?


2023 Silver Comet Conductor Award Nomination

Tell Us About Yourself

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Tell Us About Your Nominee

Please upload (if you have one) a photo of your nominee for the banquet slideshow and Facebook recognition.  You can also email at a later date to

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Thanks for submitting!

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