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Free Admission to the 2023 Cub Scout Shoot-Out?!?!

To Anyone that has Ever Contemplated Becoming a Cub Scout Rangemaster (or even if you've never thought about it before!):

We are desperately seeking adults who possess the coveted Cub Scout shooting sports Rangemaster certifications. We are gearing up for the 2023 Cub Scout Shoot-Out (AKA Turkey Shoot) on Saturday, November 4th and we need a TON of certified Rangemasters. We're still finalizing a location, but will have details surrounding that in the coming weeks.

This is always a premiere event for the District, and this year, we want to make it better than ever. We want to make it a TRUE shooting event with instructional periods, practice arcade rounds, and then finally, competition shooting rounds for both BB's and Archery. We'll have Slingshots too, and a host of activities and games. However, we cannot make any of this happen without a significant number of Rangemasters, and that's where YOU come in.

We need YOU to attend the Rangemaster Training being held at the Volunteer Service Center on Saturday, September 2nd.

Rangemaster Training | September 2, 2023 When: September 2, 2023 Time: 9:00am - 4:00pm Where: Atlanta Area Council, Staff Meeting Room, 1800 Circle 75 Pkwy SE, Atlanta, GA 30339 Cost: Free!

Please bring a lunch as we will be working through lunch

Register HERE

The Cub Scout Shoot-Out will be the first time most of the newly signed-up Cub Scouts will have an opportunity to shoot, and we want to deliver on the promise of Scouting in a BIG way. If you can find it in your heart to volunteer your Rangemaster services for the day, in return we'll:

  • Feed You! Everyone likes free food, right?

  • Give you our undying love & devotion

  • Every Pack that provides a Rangemaster will receive TWO free youth admissions to the Shoot-Out!!!

Our Range Guru for the event is the illustrious Mr. Shawn Blake. If you are available and willing to help, please email him and let him know. He can be reached at

Thank you for all that you do for the youth of Silver Comet...Scouting is better because of YOU!


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