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Cub Scout Program Changes - Fun, Simple, Easy

Your may have heard rumblings about the Cub Scout program changing. We can confirm the rumor is true, and that BIG changes are coming your way, effective June 1st, 2024.

Fun, simple, easy. That's the name of the Cub Scout program game moving forward. The BSA has been working on this update for the past five years, surveyed more than 23,000 Cub Scout parents and leaders, and identified the following areas in the current program that could use some improvement.

"Fun, Simple, Easy" Changes

  • Bobcat will no longer be a badge that is earned once when a Cub Scout joins. It will become a required Adventure for each rank and earned each year. The requirements for the Bobcat Adventure are different for each grade to make them age-appropriate.

  • Cub Scout Adventures have been improved to make it easier to deliver the program to multi-rank dens or as a Pack.  To earn each rank in Cub Scouting will require a Cub Scout to earn the six required Adventures and two elective Adventures.   Required Adventures reflect the aims and focus areas of the BSA.  The number of elective Adventures increases.

  • Webelos and Arrow of Light will be separated. Webelos becomes the 4th-grade program in Cub Scouting. Arrow of Light becomes a stand-alone badge of rank for 5th graders and will no longer be associated with Webelos. Arrow of Light will be the program that prepares Cub Scouts to join Scouts BSA.

  • Cub Scouts Awards will be reimagined as Cub Scout Adventures. Topics like camping, STEM, and range and target sports will remain and are reimagined into elective Adventures that can be used towards earning a badge of rank

Rollout Schedule

The BSA has published a handy rollout schedule to help you prepare for the upcoming changes.

Friday Cub Chat Live

Watch #CubChatLive every Friday at 2 p.m. Central on Facebook Live or YouTube for useful tips, tricks and ideas to help your den or pack.

Can't tune in live? Don't worry! You can find the archive HERE. Don't miss their latest episode where you can refresh on the importance of great program planning, as well as learn how to implement the upcoming Cub Scout program changes into your year!

On the go? Listen to an audio-only version of #CubChatLive. This podcast is available below or by searching for “CubChatLive” on Apple Podcasts, Spotify or your favorite podcast platform.

The District will be providing detailed training in the coming months for all of our Packs. Keep your eyes peeled for more information. Until then, keep watching the Cub Chat Live videos, and periodically review Program Update posts on the BSA's website

But most of all remember, change isn't always scary or painful. In this case, it's Fun, Simple, and Easy.


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