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Merit Badge Counselor Updates

Ready to Apply to be a Merit Badge Counselor or need to add/drop merit badges, head over to our Merit Badge Counselor info page.

New Policies for AAC Merit Badge Counselor

  • Effective August 21, 2023, the Atlanta Area Council has implemented a policy capping the total number of badges that a counselor will be approved to teach to 20 merit badges.

  • Requesting to teach a badge will require certain qualifications, knowledge and/or a reasonable basis for teaching a badge. Simply stating “I am an Eagle Scout” or “I earned this Merit Badge” or “I have read the requirements” will not suffice as proof of qualifications. Statements such as “I am a football coach for 5 years and want to teach physical fitness and sports” or “I have taken the Wilderness First Aid class and would like to teach first aid” would suffice as proof of qualification. See for a list of merit badges that require certifications

Counselor Portal Updates


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